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Text to voice Features

Use the full sound studio to create text to speech project

More than 60 Voices

Choose from over 60+ unique voice and dialects available across different geographic regions.

Natural Voice Effects

Customize with awesome voice effects such as: long and short pauses, add breathing effect, increase or decrease pitch and speed of your generated voice.

Various Audio Formats

Download your text in mp3/wav/obb formats. You can also schedule large amounts of text for conversion using the synthesize button.

More than 60 Languages & Dialects

More than 60 languages to convert your text into voice. Using text2voice convert your text to speech with high fidelity.

Download & Share Results Easily

Share using email or upload using youtube with text2voice easy share feature.

Neural Voices

There are two different types of voices available standard and neural. The standard voice provide consistency in the tone whereas neural voice have depth and sound more natural.

Convert large volume of text to speech using
Text 2 Voice

For large projects like YouTube videos or creating an audio book you can use text2voice project mode for consistent and reliable text to speech conversions.

Text to Speech Blogs

Read our unique blog articles about various text to speech use cases and secrets

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Converting large volumes of text to speech
July 15, 2022